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Transformer Life Management Systems

The Situation

The majority of the world wide power transformer population is more than 30 years old. The change of the overall economical conditions urges the utilities, but even the most industrial users to keep these transformers in service, even if a typical life of 30 years of that transformers was assumed as base for their basic design.

Modern compact design
It is obvious that the modern compact design of transformers, which optimizes the technical and the economical matters, is far less tolerant against overload, reduced maintenance and minimized control. Since, therefore, the overdesign for security reasons is not existing anymore and the necessary measures against ageing processes must be applied much earlier.

Due to these facts it becomes more and more clear, that new ideas and technologies must be developed and applied in order to conserve the residual life time of these overaged transformers to that extent that the economical conditions can be achieved. It becomes even obvious, that the monitoring and treatment systems originally developed for new transformers are not applicable for the old ones. We developed therefore the idea of "transformer geriatric".

It must be regarded as not acceptable from the point of responsible engineering to keep outside of the commonly agreed limits, even if it works, it remains a undefined situation, which is nothing than a blind run, without any secure base. One of that limits is doubtless the fact that exceeding of the 30 years design life without any controlling measures is something like that.

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